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  1. Looking for Noh Byeong-seok (M, 88) in Jongno-gu: 170cm, slim, pink sweats (navy), dark gray sweatpants, dark blue rubber shoes / ☎112 [Seoul Police Agency]


  2. The weather is dry nationwide, leading to wildfires. Please refrain from using lighters, cigarettes, etc. in forested areas to prevent forest fires. [Korea Forest Service]


  3. Due to continuous strong winds, there is a high risk of wildfires. Please cooperate in wildfire prevention by refraining from burning fires in forest adjacent areas, agricultural residues, and garbage. [Hwasun-gun Office]


  4. Due to the dry weather, the risk of wildfires is increasing. Therefore, hikers and residents are urged to actively cooperate to prevent wildfires caused by cigarette butts, burning trash, etc. [Daedeok-gu Office]


  5. Due to dry weather conditions, the risk of wildfires is high. Please cooperate in preventing wildfires, and be aware that fines will be imposed for possessing fire and engaging in burning activities in the forest. [Gyeongbuk-do Office]


  6. Pyeongtaek City Hall issued a warning for forest fire disaster crisis. Please be cautious of fire prevention, such as managing fire sparks to prevent forest fires caused by agriculture and garbage incineration. [Pyeongtaek City Hall]


  7. A wildfire crisis alert level has been issued in the entire area of Anseong. Please cooperate in wildfire prevention, including refraining from burning fields and smoking in mountain areas. [Anseong City Hall]


  8. A wildfire broke out today at 12:35 at Mt. 52-1, Hwawol-ri, Sagok-myeon, Gongju-si. No entry is allowed. Please be cautious of safety accidents for nearby residents and hikers. [Gongju City Hall]


  9. Please be mindful of wildfire prevention during farming activities, as the risk of wildfires is high due to dry weather. [Yanggu-gun Office]


  10. Please consider taking a detour to Bukbu Maisan Mountain, as there has been a sudden increase in tourists to Nambu Maisan Mountain. [Jinan-gun Office]


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